There is a rumor, that somewhere northeast of the backbone shop, a great warrior Agro once lived.

His home was invaded by brutal forces, and Agro was killed.

Agro was a great warrior, not to quick nor intelligent, but powerful, and clever. He managed to learn how to damage his foes with his equipment, something that gave him alot of great attacks.

Even though Agro was killed, his gear remains unclaimed, and his killers have not even dared to remove the equipment from Agro`s severed body.

Before he died, Agro wrote down a magical sentence on two notes and hid them in his home. This sentence would grant any warrior that reclaimes his gear the ability to use his armours at fully potential. In addition these magic words would make a portal in his backyard, taking you back to the shop. If you do not know this sentence, there is a chance you will never get out of Agro's home alive.

Naturally, as Agro was so powerful but still murdered, you should not try to reclaim his gear alone. There will be pain.

Creator: Brainstorm