Syntax: exp

This syntax prints a oneliner about your current experience points.


Experience may be the meaning of life. Atleast it is the incentive driving most characters to roam the world of Viking. With experience you may advance levels, stats, skills and spells, and excess experience can allow you to remain on your current level should you ever face the Grim Reaper.

Earning ExperienceEdit

There are mainly two ways of earning experience:

Kill! Kill! Kill!Edit

Everything you slay in the world of Viking will earn you some experience. How much you earn is usually decided by a number of factors, most prominently the mobs level and how hard the mob is. There are no strict standards however, so a hard mob could give little experience and vice versa.

Quest SolvingEdit

Solving quests might be a lesser way to earn experience, but for mortals it is an absolute nececcity. In the lower levels of mortal life, slaying mobs will ultimately prove to be a looong grind from level to level. Solving quests will thusly give the character a much needed experience boost at the lower stages, with the added bonus of earning quest points while you're at it.

Money Trade (Eternals Only)Edit

Eternals have a third way of earning experience; the money trade. In the Adventurers Guild eternals can 'trade <amount>' and be given experience at the cost of their bank accounts. It is not considered to be worth it however, as money is harder to come by than experience.