Look - Look at your general environment or at something.
Examine - Take a closer look at something or someone.


  • look [at <what>]
  • examine <object> [number]


look - If no argument is given then you will get a general description of your environment.
Argument can be 'at <something/someone>' or 'in <something>'. Doing this you will get a better description of what you are looking at. Observe that many things can only bee seen by looking at something that is only described in the room description.

Examine is a way of looking closer to items that you see in the text or in the room. If you cant examine the item you will get a error message like: examine apple -> There is no apple here.


The examine command will work in a special way, if you type for example: 'examine apple' the command will first look for the apple in the room that your standing in and then it will look for the apple in your inventory. This
means that if you have 2 apples, 1 in the room and one in your inventory you will get the description for the apple in the room.

If you have 2 apples in your inventory and type 'examine apple' you will get the description for the first apple (the one closest to the top of your inventory), and if you type 'examine apple 2' you will get the description for the second apple.

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