score [-s | -l | -L]


This commands prints out your name and title, the total amount of experience points you have gathered, your financial position and your physical attributes such as hit points, spell points and abilities. There is three different options to score. a short, medium and a long version. As a player you can choose what kind of display you like/need.

-s 'short' gives you a very short description of your Hp/Sp
-l 'long' gives you a longer output with more data concerning your character.
-L 'Long' includes additional information to the long output, about your quest points and exploration scores.


Score -s (or just sc)



Score -l

Score -l

Score -L1

Score -L


Another score command is 'reikscore' [-s | -l | -L] which can only be used once you have visited Reikland . This will print the exact same information as the commands above, but with a nifty dragon-ascii attached.


Reikscore -L

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