Information about VikingMUD for those who haven't played here before.


Viking's "official" opening date was the 7th of February 1991, so we're definitely one of the oldest MUDs still around. Except for two longer (more than a week) periods of downtime in 1992 and 1993, Viking MUD has
been running almost continuously since the first startup (even since the testing began in the autumn of 1990).

VikingMUD is a MUD based on DGD version 1.4.5., and has a completely messy mudlib ("help mudlib"). The OS of the computer running Viking, its web server, mail server, etc, is a Debian GNU/Linux distribution, running on an Intel CPU ("help system").

The first part of the mud you should explore is "Newbieville". You enter Newbieville by walking west from where you begin the game and typing "enter". Newbieville is a nice place to explore for players at low levels ("help level", "help levels"), where you (hopefully) can get the experience points ("help xp") needed.

To find out your current level, stats and experience points, type "score" ("help score").

After you've had fun in Newbieville for a while, you might want to get to know Viking better. Return to church, and go northeast from there to enter the map booth. You might get a cheap map of the central areas of Viking, and even some information about them, too!

Viking has "guilds". "Guilds" grant the players who join them certain powers, based on level, money and experience points spent in that guild, varying from guild to guild. If you want to know which guilds you might become a member of, type "help guilds".

If you want to find information about other characters/players, type "finger name", where "name" is the name of that character/player.

You should also read the help files listed under "See Also" at the bottom, as they may contain information about useful things. The file names are grouped by priority.


  • "There is life after Viking, and Viking can fit nicely right next to life as well. Viking and Life are not mutually exclusive." -- Willfon, 8th September, 2010.

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