An automatic chicken meter


  • wimpy [<percentage>]


Wimpy is a command to set how brave you are. When your current HP's get below your wimpy level your legs will run away with you. The higher wimpy the sooner you'll reach your wimpy level and you'll run away, wimpy 0 and you will fight until you're dead.

Default for a new player is wimpy 0% of maximum hit points

This is no secure thing. It might save you, if you have a slow connection, or slow fingers. Some monsters hack away HP's faster than you think, and you might find yourself dead without warning. And some monsters runs as fast as your legs. Recomended wimpy is at least 20%.


The wimpy is not a safetyline its just a measure of how "brave" your charater are before he/she flees in panic. Do NOT rely upon fleeing back the same way you entered the room.


wimpy 20 (will set your wimpy to 20% of your maximum hit points)

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